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Unsaturated methylated ketones are organic compounds characterized by the presence of a ketone functional group (C=O) and unsaturation in the form of one or more carbon-carbon double bonds. The term "methylated" indicates the presence of methyl groups (-CH3) attached to the molecular structure. This combination of features imparts distinct chemical properties to these compounds, influencing their reactivity and potential applications. These ketones are often found in natural products and play a significant role in the synthesis of various organic molecules. Their unsaturation can contribute to unique reactivity patterns, making them valuable building blocks in organic chemistry. Researchers and chemists frequently utilize unsaturated methylated ketones as intermediates in the synthesis of pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, and fine chemicals due to their versatile nature. The unsaturation in these ketones allows for diverse chemical transformations, such as conjugate additions and reductions, expanding the synthetic toolbox available to chemists. Furthermore, the methyl groups can influence the compound's stereochemistry and overall stability. The study and application of unsaturated methylated ketones contribute to advancements in organic synthesis and the development of novel compounds with potential biological activities.