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Carboxamides are chemical molecules that contain the functional group -CONH2. Because of their numerous features and applications, they are widely used in a variety of sectors. Carboxamides are important in pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, materials research, and other fields. Carboxamides are important components of several medications in medical chemistry. Their structural plasticity enables pharmacological properties to be fine-tuned. Acetaminophen, for example, is a pain reliever and fever reducer with a carboxamide moiety in its structure. Similarly, carboxamide groups are found in antibiotics such as penicillin and cephalosporin, which contribute to their antibacterial action. Carboxamides also have herbicidal and pesticidal effects, making them useful in agrochemicals. Glyphosate, a widely used herbicide, contains a carboxamide group that is essential for its efficiency in blocking particular enzymes in plant growth pathways. Carboxamides' special features are also used in materials science. Carboxamide-functionalized polymers provide desirable qualities such as high strength, endurance, and heat stability. Nylon, a well-known synthetic polymer used in textiles and industry, has repeating amide connections in its backbone, which contributes to its toughness and resilience. Carboxamides are synthesized using a variety of methods by synthetic chemists. One such method includes reacting a carboxylic acid derivative (such as an acid chloride or anhydride) with an amine. Under the right conditions, this process, known as amide bond formation, produces the desired carboxamide product. Furthermore, advances in organic chemistry have resulted in novel methods for the efficient production of complicated carboxamide molecules. Carboxamides' adaptability and importance in several industries highlight their importance in modern chemistry. Researchers are continuing to investigate their various applications and produce novel derivatives with improved characteristics. More research into the synthesis and functionalization of carboxamides is being conducted in order to realize their full potential in drug discovery, materials development, and other scientific activities. Understanding the structure-activity relationships of carboxamide-containing compounds is still a priority for scientists because it allows for the design and optimization of molecules with improved efficacy, reduced side effects, and increased stability, paving the way for innovative advancements across multiple disciplines.