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Methyltrioctylammonium Chloride | 5137-55-3

Cas No :


Form :


Molecular Weight :


Molecular Formula :


Solubility :

Chloroform (Slightly), Methanol (Slightly)

Description :

Solid is the chemical form of methyltrioctylammonium chloride (5137-55-3).It is also known as Tri-N-Octylmethylammonium Chloride and Methyltri-N-Octylammonium Chloride.Pharmaceutical Industries, Synthesis, and Pharmaceutical Industries all use it. Keep in a cool location for storage. In a dry, well-ventilated area, keep the container tightly closed. Open containers need to be meticulously resealed and maintained upright to avoid leaks.Organic Chemical Compounds, Organic Chlorides, Phase-Transfer Catalyst, Phase-Transfer Catalyst, and Octylammonium Compounds are its category.