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Melon Heptenal | 106-72-9

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Melon Heptenal (106-72-9) is a liquid aroma chemical, also known as 2,6-Dimethylhept-5-Enal. It finds applications in various industries, including aroma, perfume, fragrance, flavor, soap and detergent, pharmaceutical, and chemical. Matsutake alcohol, another aroma chemical, is not directly related to Melon Heptenal. However, leading chemical exporters may carry both products in their inventory. Additional Information: Matsutake alcohol (1-Octen-3-ol) is known for its characteristic earthy, mushroom-like aroma with hints of hay. It's commonly used as a fragrance ingredient to add depth and complexity to perfumes and other scented products. Finding leading chemical exporters of aroma chemicals can be done through online searches or industry directories. Reputable suppliers will prioritize safety and provide detailed information about their products, including storage recommendations.