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Matsutake Alcohol | 3391-86-4

Cas No :


Synonyms :

Form :


Molecular Weight :


Molecular Formula :


Melting Point :

50 °C

Boiling Point :

84 - 85 °C

Solubility :

Acetonitrile (Slightly), Chloroform, Ethyl Acetate (Slightly)

Flash Point :

68 °C

Description :

Matsutake alcohol (3391-86-4), also known as One-Octen-3-Ol or Amyl Vinyl Carbinol, is a versatile aroma chemical used in a wide range of industries.  This includes the fragrance, flavor, and aroma industries, as well as the chemical, pharmaceutical, and soap and detergent industries.


Leading chemical exporters ensure proper storage practices for matsutake alcohol. Here are some key storage recommendations:


  • Keep containers in a cool area.
  • Maintain secure closure to prevent leaks.
  • Store in a dry and well-ventilated area.
  • Carefully reseal opened containers and keep them upright for safekeeping.