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Isoamyl Isobutyrate | 2050-01-3

Cas No :


Form :


Molecular Weight :

172.26 G/Mol

Molecular Formula :


Boiling Point :

192 - 193 °C

Flash Point :

80 °C

Description :

It is liquid to use isoamyl isobutyrate 2050-01-3. It is also known as 3-Methylbutyl-2-Methylpropanoate, Isopentyl Isobutyrate, and Isobutyric Acid Isoamyl Ester.It is used in the fragrance, flavour, fragrance and aroma industries as well as the chemical, pharmaceutical and soap and detergent industries.Its chemical formula is C10H20O2, and its molecular weight is 172.26 g/mol.