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Gamma-Undecalactone | 104-67-6

Cas No :


Form :


Molecular Weight :


Molecular Formula :


Melting Point :

9.5 °C

Boiling Point :

164 - 166 °C

Flash Point :

145 °C

Description :

Gamma-Undecalactone 104-67-6 is a liquid. Aldehyde C-14, also known as 5-heptyl dihydrofuran-23H-1, is its chemical name. It is utilised by the chemical, pharmaceutical, soap, and detergent industries in addition to the fragrance, flavour, fragrance, and aroma industries. Container Must Be Stored In A Dry, Well-Ventilated Area With The Lid Tightly Closed. To prevent leaks, opened containers must be properly resealed and kept upright. In A Cool Place, Save.Its molecular weight is 184.28  and chemical formula is C11H20O2.