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Diphenyl Phosphoryl Chloride | 2524-64-3

Cas No :


Form :


Molecular Weight :

268.63 G/Mol

Molecular Formula :


Boiling Point :

314 - 316 °C

Solubility :


Flash Point :

113 °C

Description :

One of India's leading Supplier of Diphenyl Phosphoryl Chloride is ChemicalBull. A diphenylphosphorochloridate is used to prepare cyclohexyl-amidophosphoric acid diphenyl ester by reacting it with cyclohexylamine. Its applications are Organic Synthesis, Pharmaceutical Industry, Synthesis. Its molecular weight is 268.63 g/mol and chemical formula is C12H10ClO3P. Our company deals with Diphenyl Phosphoryl Chloride in the pharmaceutical industry in general.