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Dimethyl Benzyl Carbinol | 100-86-7

Cas No :


Form :


Molecular Weight :


Molecular Formula :


Melting Point :

23 - 25 °C

Boiling Point :

94 - 96 °C

Solubility :

Chloroform (Sparingly), Dmso (Sparingly, Heated)

Flash Point :

81 °C

Description :

Aroma Chemical Exporters: Expand Your Fragrance & Flavor Portfolio with Dimethyl Benzyl Carbinol (CAS 100-86-7)

Dimethyl Benzyl Carbinol (CAS 100-86-7) is a valuable addition for chemical exporters looking to expand their offerings in the aroma chemicals sector. This versatile ingredient enhances scents and flavors in a wide range of products, including fragrances, cosmetics, soaps, detergents, and even pharmaceuticals. Chemical exporters can leverage Dimethyl Benzyl Carbinol to cater to diverse customer needs within the fragrance and flavor industries.