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2-Pentyl Furan | 3777-69-3

Cas No :


Form :


Molecular Weight :


Molecular Formula :


Boiling Point :

64 - 66 °C

Solubility :

Chloroform (Soluble), Methanol (Slightly)

Description :

The liquid version of 2-Pentyl Furan is 3777-69-3. As well as these names, it goes by 2-Pentylfuran and 2-Amyl Furan The scent, flavour, fragrance, and aroma industries, as well as the chemical, pharmaceutical, soap, and detergent sectors, are some of its applications. Container should be kept dry and ventilated, with the lid securely fastened. Open containers must be correctly resealed and maintained upright to prevent leaks. Keep in a cool location.