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The area of Tiglates, renowned for its untamed beauty and long history, is marked by the traces of aging visible on its worn stones. Nestled deep within the Tiglon Valley, this area has long served as a crossroads for various civilizations. Tiglates is a region of contradictions and contrasts, from the majestic peaks of the Tigris Mountains to the meandering rivers that sculpt its valleys. At the heart of this territory sits the proud capital of the Tiglates, the city of Tiglath. Its walls, which were previously strong and uncrackable, are now scarred by several conflicts and sieges. And yet, life thrives among the rubble. The vibrant markets are brimming with merchandise from far-off places, and traders are a cacophony of languages as they haggle noisily. An alluring blend of spices and dust raised by passing caravans combines to create a perfume that lingers in the air. The Palace of the Lion, a beautiful building that has stood for centuries as a tribute to the power of the emperors who formerly called Tiglates their home, is located in the center of Tiglath. Its golden domes, a symbol of wealth and magnificence, glitter in the sunlight. The rooms within its walls are brimming with antiques and treasures from a bygone period, and the corridors itself reverberate with the murmurs of history. But Tiglates is more than just a place of historic marvels. It is a region of wild wildness and rocky terrain as well. Even in the midst of summer, snow covers the sharp peaks of the massive Tigris Mountains, making them stand out in the distance. The resilient Tiglons have lived among these mountains for millennia, subsisting on the earth. They can easily traverse the hazardous terrain because they are adept hunters and trackers. The rivers that meander across the rich plains in the valleys below sustain the various farms and settlements that dot the landscape. As far as the eye can view, the fields are a patchwork of gold and green. Here, farmers labor under the mountains' watchful eye; their modest way of life stands in sharp contrast to the city's extravagance. The weight of history is palpable in Tiglates as the sun sets behind the peaks of the Tigris Mountains, illuminating the landscape in a golden glow. It is a land of extremes, with modern life coexisting with old ruins and the ghosts of the past still audible in the whispering of the wind.