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Isobenzofurans are a class of chemical compounds that have a benzene ring bonded to a furan ring as their distinctive molecular structure.When describing isomers of benzofuran, where the oxygen atom in the furan ring is positioned differently, the term "isobenzofuran" is frequently employed. Isobenzofurans have unique chemical and physical properties due to this structural difference, which makes them fascinating topics for organic chemistry research. O-coumarin, or 2-isobenzofuranone, is one well-known isobenzofuran.O-coumarin, which has a structure similar to that of a chromen-2-one, is present in a number of natural sources, including certain plants. It is well known for its part in the production of derivatives of coumarins, which have a variety of biological uses. Researchers have looked into the pharmacological potential of isobenzofurans, especially in relation to the creation of antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anticancer chemicals. Isobenzofuran synthesis entails carefully modifying precursor compounds, frequently using methods like cyclization processes. To obtain distinct isobenzofuran derivatives, researchers have devised multiple synthesis pathways, which facilitate the investigation of their structure-activity correlations and possible uses. Materials science also makes use of isobenzofurans, as several of its derivatives show intriguing electrical and photophysical characteristics. Because of the special way in which their structures combine heterocyclic and aromatic motifs, isobenzofurans are highly adaptable building blocks that can be used to create new materials with specific characteristics. Research on the biological and pharmacological properties of isobenzofurans is still ongoing, as it is with many other chemical compounds. Researchers are always looking at how they might be used as scaffolding to create bioactive compounds or as possible drugs. Furthermore, investigating effective and sustainable synthesis processes for isobenzofurans is in line with the more general objectives of green chemistry. To sum up, isobenzofurans are an intriguing class of chemical molecules that combine benzene and furan, and they have a wide range of uses in materials science, medicines, and other fields. The goal of ongoing study in this area is to gain further understanding of their characteristics and possible uses in a range of academic and professional contexts.