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Because of its antioxidant characteristics, erythorbate, also known as erythorbic acid, is a food additive that is frequently used in the food business. It is an ascorbic acid (vitamin C) stereoisomer that has some similarities to ascorbic acid but also some distinct distinctions. To stop the oxidation of fats and preserve the color and flavor of processed foods, erythorbate is frequently added. This is especially true of meat products like sausages, hot dogs, and deli meats. By preventing the formation of rancidity and off-flavors that can occur as a result of exposure to air, it aids in extending the shelf life of these items. Erythorbate has the ability to lessen the need for conventional chemical preservatives like nitrites and nitrates in processed meats, which is one of its main benefits. When ingested in excess, nitrates in particular have been linked to health problems since they can turn into nitrosamines that can cause cancer. Because erythorbate has antioxidant characteristics, food producers can use fewer nitrites, which makes processed meats safer and healthier. When used within certain limitations, erythorbate is generally recognized as safe (GRAS) by regulatory bodies, and its safety profile has undergone significant research. To guarantee that it does not exceed established safety limits, its use, like that of many other food additives, is regulated. Erythorbate is sometimes used as a food enhancer to increase the durability of colors in a variety of food products, such as canned fruits and vegetables, in addition to its duty as a food preservative. Additionally, it can improve the texture and quality of baked items by functioning as a dough conditioner. Erythorbate has several benefits for food preservation, but consumers must be aware of its use in processed foods and take it into account when making dietary decisions. When consuming foods with high quantities of erythorbate, some people may be sensitive to this addition and have moderate gastrointestinal symptoms. As a result, maintaining a balanced and healthy diet requires reading product labels and making educated decisions about processed and packaged foods.