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A group of chemical molecules known as decanoates are important in many different industries and biological activities. These substances are esters of capric acid, a saturated fatty acid with ten carbon atoms commonly known as decanoic acid. A hydrophobic alkyl chain formed from decanoic acid and a hydrophilic functional group derived from an alcohol, such as methanol or ethanol, make up the chemical structure of decanoates, which distinguishes them from other compounds. The pharmaceutical sector is one of the industries where decanoates are widely used. In drug formulations, they are often used as excipients, acting as carriers for active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). Decanoates can increase a drug's solubility and stability, increasing its bioavailability and therapeutic effectiveness. Additionally, these substances are used to create extended-release medicine formulations, which enable a regulated and prolonged release of the treatment inside the body. Decanoates are used in the food business as flavourings and food additives. They are useful for adding desirable flavours to a variety of food products because to their nice aroma and flavour. A variety of natural sources, such as dairy products like milk and cheese, include decanoic acid esters, which contribute to the distinctive flavour and scent of these foods. Decanoates serve a variety of purposes in industry, but they also have biological relevance. They are used as substrates for enzyme processes and the synthesis of energy during lipid metabolism in the human body. In particular, the treatment of epilepsy has drawn attention to the possible therapeutic effects of decanoic acid, the precursor to decanoates. Decanoic acid may have anti-epileptic characteristics, according to certain studies, however more analysis is necessary to completely comprehend its mechanisms of action and potential clinical uses. In conclusion, decanoates are adaptable substances with uses in biology, food, and medications. While their function in lipid metabolism and possible health advantages are still being researched, their chemical characteristics make them useful in medicine formulation and flavour improvement. Decanoates may become more significant as these fields of study develop, impacting a variety of sectors as well as our understanding of human biology.