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A class of chemical compounds known as cotynates finds use in a wide range of sectors, from polymer manufacture to pharmaceuticals. Crotonic acid, a carboxylic acid with the chemical formula C4H6O2, is the source of these molecules. Because of their unsaturated state and carbon-carbon double bond in their structure, crotonates are distinguished from other compounds. The synthesis of acrylic polymers is one of the important uses for crotonates. These polymers are widely used in coatings, paints, adhesives, and even medical equipment. To produce acrylic polymers, for example, ethyl crotonate is a crucial step in the synthesis of acrylic esters, which are necessary monomers. These polymers are very sought-after in a variety of industrial and consumer applications because of their qualities like transparency, resilience to weathering, and durability. Crotonates are also essential to the pharmaceutical sector. They act as transitional materials while creating medicinal compounds. For instance, methyl crotonate is utilized in the manufacturing of numerous medications. It is capable of undergoing reactions to create several compounds with medicinal properties. Furthermore, crotonates find use in the taste and aroma sector. Ethyl crotonate is utilized as a flavoring agent in food products and beverages because of its fruity aroma, which is reminiscent of pineapple and apples. It is also a useful element in perfumes and personal hygiene products due to its pleasant scent. Because of their distinct reactivity, crotonates have piqued the interest of organic chemistry researchers in addition to their commercial applications. Chemists research the characteristics and reactivity of these compounds to create novel, effective synthetic strategies. The advancement of materials science, drug discovery, and other applied chemistry fields is facilitated by this research. Nevertheless, crotonates present certain difficulties in spite of their wide range of uses. Because of their unsaturated state, they are more likely to polymerize, which, depending on the intended use, can be both beneficial and detrimental. To obtain the required qualities in the finished product, control over the polymerization process is essential. To sum up, crotonates are adaptable substances that have a variety of uses in sectors like polymers, tastes, perfumes, and medications. Due to their special qualities, these compounds are useful as building blocks for many different goods, and further study is always finding new applications and efficient ways to employ them.