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Butyryl Compounds

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Organic compounds having the butyryl group—a four carbon alkyl chain with a carbonyl group at one end—are known as butyryl compounds. The butyryl group has the chemical formula CH2CH2CO . Typical instances of butyryl compounds are as follows:The carboxylic acid butyric acid, sometimes known as butanoic acid, has the formula CH3CH2CH2COOH. It has a strong, disagreeable smell and is present in dairy products. Butyrylcholine, also known as succinylcholine, is a neuromuscular blocking drug that is used in medicine to cause muscle relaxation during surgery.Butyryl CoA: A chemical that plays a role in the metabolism of fatty acids, namely in the breakdown of lipids to provide energy. Butyrylcholinesterase: An enzyme that helps the body break down a variety of substances, including poisons and some drugs. These substances are involved in chemical signaling as well as energy metabolism in biological systems. They are also employed in the pharmaceutical, chemical synthesis, and food flavoring industries.