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The 12th century Angelates were a unique dynasty that had a lasting impact on the Byzantine Empire. The so called Angeloi, who came to prominence in the turbulent political climate of the day, introduced controversy as well as splendor to the imperial throne. After the Komnenos dynasty was overthrown, there was unrest until 1185, when Isaac II Angelos, the dynasty's founder, came to power. A combination of domestic problems and military victories defined Isaac's reign. He was able to drive back invasions by the Normans and the Bulgarians, stabilizing the boundaries of the empire. But the Byzantine aristocracy's growing discontent and financial incompetence also tainted his reign.A plot headed by Alexios III Angelos, Isaac's own brother, ended Isaac's rule. Alexios took control quickly and strategically in 1195, blinded and imprisoning Isaac as a customary Byzantine political tactic to prevent a challenger from reigning. During Alexios III's rule, the empire's financial stability was disregarded and extravagant spending was prevalent. His incapacity to rule with effectiveness caused a great deal of unhappiness among the nobility and the general populace.Under the leadership of Alexios IV Angelos, the son of Isaac II, the Angelate dynasty achieved its pinnacle. Alexios IV took the crucial choice in 1203 to enlist the support of the Fourth Crusade in order to unseat his uncle, Alexios III, and retake the kingdom. Alexios IV persuaded the Crusaders to reroute their expedition to Constantinople by promising them substantial financial incentives and support for their mission. After arriving in the city, the Crusaders besieged Constantinople and eventually broke through its walls in 1204. One of the darkest periods in Byzantine history was the Crusaders' conquest and sacking of Constantinople. Unprecedented levels of looting and destruction occurred in the city, costing incalculable lives and precious goods.The Angelate monarchy was essentially overthrown when Constantinople fell to the Crusaders. Despite having a brief reign, the Angeloi are remembered in the annals of Byzantine history for their dual legacy of tragedy and victory. Their reign, characterized by triumphs in war, financial excesses, and, at the end, the disastrous Fourth Crusade, is a devastating reminder of the difficulties and dangers inherent in imperial authority.