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The word "androgen" describes a class of hormones that are essential to the development of masculine traits. Mostly produced in the testes of males and in smaller amounts in the ovaries of females, testosterone is the most well-known androgen. Although they are more commonly linked to men, androgens are also found in girls, albeit in less amounts. The development of male reproductive tissues, including the testes and prostate gland, in males is attributed to androgens. Additionally, they encourage secondary sexual traits like increased muscular mass, the deepening of the voice during puberty, and the growth of facial and body hair. In addition to being essential for sperm production, testosterone also plays a role in mood and libido regulation.The adrenal glands and ovaries of females create androgens. They are nonetheless vital to the health of females even if they are less common than in males. Androgens are involved in the menstrual cycle and the development of female reproductive tissues, including the ovaries. They also affect women's libido and bone density. But androgen abnormalities can cause a number of health problems. Males who have low testosterone may experience weariness, a loss in muscle mass, and a lower libido.Conversely, high androgen levels can cause acne, male pattern baldness, and excessive hair growth, especially on the face and torso.Elevated testosterone levels can be a consequence of diseases such as PCOS in females. Ovarian cysts, irregular menstrual periods, and symptoms like acne, hirsutism (excessive hair growth), and male-pattern hair loss are the hallmarks of PCOS. On the other hand, low testosterone levels in women can lead to weariness, a drop in libido, and a loss in bone density. Hormone therapy is frequently used to treat androgen-related medical disorders in order to restore equilibrium. Males with low testosterone levels may benefit from testosterone replacement therapy, while female patients with PCOS may benefit from oral contraceptives or anti-androgen medicines.Given that androgens are crucial for both male and female growth and function, it is imperative to comprehend their significance in preserving general health.