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Hexenals, having the chemical formula C6H12O, is an organic compound that is also referred to as hexenal or hexanal. A formyl group (CHO) is present at one end of its six-carbon chain, which distinguishes it from other aldehydes in the class. The substance is known for having a unique smell that is frequently characterized as strong, grassy, and faintly fruity. Numerous natural sources, including fruits, vegetables, and essential oils, contain hexenals. It plays a major role in giving off the distinct smell of just-mowed lawn and verdant foliage. Hexenals are also frequently utilized in the flavor and fragrance business to give food goods and perfumes a hint of greenery. Hexenals can be synthesized using a variety of techniques. One popular method is to create hexanal by oxidizing hexene, an alkene with six carbons. There are several ways to accomplish this oxidation process, such as chemical processes or biological pathways that are aided by enzymes. Hexenals have intriguing characteristics that make them useful for a variety of applications. Hexenals have been studied for possible biological activity in addition to their aromatic properties. According to certain research, hexenals might have antibacterial qualities, which makes them a promising candidate for the creation of novel antibacterial agents. Moreover, hexenals are employed in the synthesis of numerous substances, aiding in the production of fine chemicals, agrochemicals, and pharmaceuticals. Because of their versatility, hexenals are still being studied and explored in the domains of biology and chemistry. To sum up, hexenals are important in the fields of flavor, aroma, and chemistry. Their value in both natural and synthetic contexts is highlighted by their unique odor and prospective applications in several industries. We continue to learn more about hexenals as a fascinating molecule through ongoing study that keeps revealing new aspects of it.