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Wounds Heal

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Sarah traced the contours of her scar with her delicate fingertips in the quiet of her room. Once raw and angry, the wound now revealed a tale of healing. It served as a reminder of both the life-altering accident and the inner strength she discovered. Abruptly, the sound of metal hitting metal and glass breaking all around her was heard. Sarah recalled the panic and confusion she felt as everything went out of control. Her body was broken when she woke up in the hospital, but the hardest wounds were emotional ones. As she struggled with both bodily and emotional torment, days became nights. Her arm scar served as a continual reminder of that awful day. But as the weeks went by, she experienced a change in herself. Little triumphs like walking without gagging or finishing a meal without feeling queasy brought her comfort. Sarah was showered with love and support from her friends and family, but it was up to her to muster the willpower to get better. She confronted her trauma head-on by going to both physical and emotional therapy. She was had to repeatedly experience the accident throughout the taxing sessions. Nevertheless, the memories became less vivid with each session. She started to reconstruct herself gradually. Her arm scar turned into a badge of honor and a representation of her tenacity. It served as a reminder that even the deepest scars may heal. Sarah discovered that her visible and unseen scars were an integral part of who she was. Sarah had a wave of calm as she sat in her room and traced the line of healing flesh. She no longer had the accident as a specter following her about. Rather, it was a phase in her life that had molded her into the individual she was at that time. With renewed strength, she faced her own gaze in the mirror. True, she had scars, but they served as evidence that she had survived. They served as a reminder that she had conquered her obstacles and come out stronger. Sarah grinned and got to her feet, prepared to take on whatever obstacles life might bring. Although the wounds had healed, she still had scars to show for her bravery and tenacity.