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Wounds lurk dormant in the recesses of our being, unseen to the unaided eye but ever-present in the fabric of our souls. They are the wounds from silent conflicts, the emotional scars we bring with us like unwanted baggage. Over time, some wounds heal and leave behind subtle scars that serve as memories of past struggles. Others rot, eating away at our souls and not letting us move on. Wounds have a strange kind of beauty that bespeaks resiliency and survival. They share tales of loss and heartache, betrayal and broken trust. Every scar, inscribed into our skin as a reminder of the hardships we have faced, is a page in the book of our lives. However, wounds are more than just superficial; they are deeper. They are the whispered words, unrequited loves, and unfulfilled goals that eventually fade away. Our hearts are burdened by the shattered hopes and broken promises. At times, we attempt to conceal our injuries by disguising them with laughter and smiles, acting as though they are nonexistent. However, they are constantly present, hiding beneath the surface and waiting to show up when we least expect it. Even Nevertheless, wounds have the capacity to change us despite the suffering they cause. They compel us to face the darkness within us and our worst fears and vulnerabilities. We find strength in their rawness since we can't really start to heal until we own our scars. As a result, we display our scars as badges of valor, representing the conflicts we have overcome and the mountains we have scaled. Even while our past has left us with wounds, it does not define who we are. Rather, they serve as a reminder of our resiliency and our ability to rise stronger and more whole from the ashes. Ultimately, scars are a natural part of being human; they serve as a reminder of our common fight and tenacious nature. These are the costs associated with completely living, loving, and daring to dream. Even while they could cause us pain, we understand that they can also be a source of growth and learning that help us on our path to completeness.