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Itchy Eyes

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The peaceful park took on a golden tone as the sun sank low in the horizon. Emily was perched on a seat with her back to the far-off trees that were softly waving in the wind. Her thoughts were soothed by the sound of rustling leaves and birds chirping.Even so, Emily was unable to shake the constant itching in her eyes despite the serene surroundings. It had begun in the morning as a minor irritation, a small scratchiness she put down to sleep deprivation. However, as the day went on, it became more intense, an inescapable feeling that made her want to scratch at her eyelids.In an attempt to bring some relief, she wiped her eyes with the heels of her palms, but it seemed to exacerbate the situation. It continued to itch like little needles piercing the sensitive skin around her eyes.Peering around, she observed couples strolling hand in hand, families having picnics, and kids having fun on the playground. Everyone appeared so carefree and unconcerned by her anguish. She was envious of their comfort and their capacity to savor the lovely day without being distracted by irritated eyes.She closed her eyes and allowed the cool air to caress her face as a soft breeze tousled her hair. The itching seemed to go away for a little while, and she enjoyed the fleeting respite. However, the breeze returned with a vengeance as soon as it subsided. Anger boiled up inside of her. Why this day out of all the others? She had been eager to get away from the bustle of the city and have a quiet afternoon in the park. And yet, here she was, unable to savor even a single moment without the constant itching consuming her mind.Emily sighed and dug into her bag to retrieve a tiny vial of eye drops. She threw back her head and applied a few drops to each eye, blinking quickly to distribute the calming solution. She sighed with satisfaction as the coolness of the drips brought instant relief. With her eyes closed, she concentrated on the noises of the surrounding environment, including the distant laughter of children and the rustling of leaves and birds. She didn't want to allow the itchiness mar her peaceful moment even though it was still present and lurking in the background.Emily reclined on the bench and basked in the sun's warmth, feeling at ease once more. Despite her sore eyes, she refused to let them control her.